Bruce Lee: Enter The Game

Bruce Lee's most exciting adventure yet



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Bruce Lee: Enter The Game is a 2D action game where you control legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee. As you might have guessed, your goal is to fight dozens of different enemies using the deadliest weapon of all: Bruce Lee himself.

The control system in Bruce Lee: Enter The Game is perfectly adapted to touchscreens. Touching the screen will move him, while sliding your finger in a different direction will make him attack. The type of gesture you do and how long you hold your finger on the screen will determine the attack.

In Bruce Lee: Enter The Game, there are more than 40 levels in total, all of them filled with enemies and various bosses. In some levels, besides having to kill all the enemies, you'll also have other goals such as protecting Bruce Lee's sensei.

In addition, between levels you can improve Bruce Lee's skills and even buy different items. Different karate gis, for example, grant various special powers ... and you'll find quite a few of them.

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game is an excellent 2D action game with outstanding graphics and as much charisma as Bruce Lee himself. A fun game that does justice to the name it represents.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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